Computer Graphics - 101

I am currently learning OpenGL and WebGL and in the series of blog posts to follow, I would be documenting my progress. This is to help me and also help anyone who has some experience with computer graphics but isn't exactly a professional in the field. Firstly, I chose OpenGL because, not only is it one of the oldest graphics APIs but starting with something like Vulkan has a very steep learning curve, especially if one is without a proper background in computer graphics and how graphics APIs work. Secondly, I chose to learn WebGL (using ThreeJs) because I already have some experience with the web (a Fullstack developer with about 5 years of experience), and knowledge of WebGL would help me achieve my ultimate which is to build immersive experiences on the web.

I am currently taking two courses, one for OpenGL/C++ on Udemy by Ben Cook and the other for WebGL/ThreeJs on ThreeJs Journey by Bruno Simon. After completing both courses, I intend to return to each blog post, modifying them to make them more detailed and easy to understand for beginners like myself. Most if not all of the projects I build would be showcased on this website.

I look forward to building amazing things. Thanks for reading.